Three kinds of electric heating products.

At present, our company mainly produces three kinds of electric heating products, epoxy resin, silicone rubber and polyimide. Other electric heating products in research and development, follow the "strong innovation, practical improvement" principle, steady, cross enterprise on every step of the development. Especially in the field of new energy automotive battery heating, our company has been in the same industry leader position, has been with the large state-owned enterprises and lithium battery central enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship. Especially in the "13th Five-Year" period, China will become the world's largest new energy vehicle market, the government introduced full of the spirit of reform and highlights policy: do not ask the origin, just ask the technology and strength. Therefore, Wuxi Tianbo Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co. Ltd will be extraordinary ability to keep up with the pace of market development, market development, and constantly improve product quality, firm taking the pace of development of the automobile industry chain to join the army in the new energy, new energy electric vehicle battery performance optimization escort.