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Kapton polyimide flexible heater



1. Light-weight, thin thickness offer faster warm-ups and quicker response.

2. Very flexible offer thermal contact with the Part for maximum heating efficiency.

3. Offered in a virtually unlimited range of shapes, sizes and wattages.

4. Their flat etched foil elements cover more area and transfer heat more efficiently than wire wound designs.

5. On request, temperature distribute in the surface of the heater.

6. Small thermal lag, precision temperature control and fast response.

7. Kapton insulation is dimensionally stable, self-extinguishing, and highly resistant to oils, chemicals, fungus, solvents and radiation.

8. Thermostats and other sensors may be integ rated into the design for accurate control and temperature tracing.

9. PSA is available as an option on heater rated at 1W/cm2 and 2W/cm2. The heater can be mechanically clamped or epoxy mounted by the user.

10. Very safety, realizable and long life.

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